What we do

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What we do

A general remark about email

Email is not going away. Everybody has it. Everybody knows it.
Email in its current form is just not very productive. However, it can be.
It is a design issue. Many email programs aren’t designed to manage a lot of information. That’s why email often is overwhelming. The inbox is always full and it keeps getting filled.

Our approach to e-mail

We see email as a list of things that need to get done. If so than let’s treat it as what it is: a todo list. There are already many todo list applications out there. We don’t intend to replace them. However, we want email to have the efficiency of todo lists.

GMail is the best email program out there. We intend to make it even better. We put small improvements into GMail that make a big difference to us. We hope to you to.


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