We are still in an early beta version. Yet, we have been mentioned around the web. Whereas the mentions at this stage are humbling they sure keep us motivated and show us that we are moving into the right direction. So keep them coming

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Lifehacker: Mailfred Temporarily Archives and Sets Reminders for Gmail Messages

“Mailfred is a simple email reminder, yet it’s one that can help you reduce email clutter. To put it simply, it’s a good unobtrusive way to make sure you follow up on messages.”

LazyHacks: Temporarily Store & Set Followup Pointers For Email messages In Googlemail [Chrome]

“Perfect for keeping your inbox clean but also not forgetting anything.”

MakeUseOf: Mail Fred Temporarily Archives Any Email, Until You Need It [Chrome]

Addictive Tips: Temporarily Archive & Set Followup Reminders For Emails In Gmail [Chrome]

Tekzilla Daily Tip: Schedule Reminders to Answer Email


Mailfred, programmare promemoria per le email ricevute su Gmail

Otimize sua caixa de e-mail adicionando diversas ações para as mensagens recebidas
Agende ações para as mensagens recebidas no Gmail com este complemento para o Chrome.

Mailfred, Pengarsip Sementara dan Pengingat Otomatis untuk Gmail

Mailfred, extensión para Google Chrome que te recuerda responder un correo
Mailfred, extensión que te recuerda responder un correo

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