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If you find any bugs or have any questions please feel free to post them in our MailFred Support Forum. We post frequently asked questions and issues below.


New: I keep getting error messages from Google Apps Script. How can I uninstall the old Mailfred script (v1.145 or earlier, the one build on Google Apps Script)?

Note: Google has discontinued their Apps Script data storage (ScriptDB). Therefore, Mailfred doesn’t work on Google Apps Script anymore. Fear not. We have completely rebuilt Mailfred on Google App Engine. Unfortunately, we cannot remove/uninstall the old script for you. Below you find a step by step guide to uninstall the old script. Happy scheduling!

  1. Go here:
  2. Click uninstall.
  3. Enjoy the new version!

If you have (tried to) uninstalled the Mailfred plugin before but still you get error messages then please follow these steps:

  1. Please go here:
  2. Allow access
  3. Then go here:
  4. Remove all access
  5. Reinstall

I get the message: “Something went wrong!” when I try to schedule a message?

You most probably are not using GMail with the GMail address you signed up to MailFred with. Or you are using two GMail accounts in the same browser. Unfortunately, MailFred doesn’t support using two GMail addresses in the same browser. This is a limitation imposed by Google.

Right now the simplest solution to get MailFred working with two GMail addresses probably is to use Chrome profiles ( and enter a GMail address per profile. Other options are to login/logout of GMail and only work with one GMail address at a time or use two installations of Chrome e.g. Chrome portable or Chromium.

General Questions

What does Mailfred do? Why should I use it?

With MailFred you can set reminders for your emails. You will never forget about a mail again. In order to do that you install a tiny browser extension, which integrates seamlessly with GMail.

How do I get started?

You can download the MailFred Chrome extension in the Chrome store.

Which operating systems and browsers do you support?

MailFred is completely independent of your operating system. At the moment we only support Chrome.

Do I need to install the extension to each of my computers?

Yes, you need to install the extension to each computer. If you use multiple browsers on one computer you also have to install it for each browser.

Can I use MailFred on my smartphone or tablet?

Currently we don’t support smartphones or tablets.

Does MailFred work with Google Apps?

It sure does. Enjoy!

How do you make money?

We don’t. Mailfred is a non-profit product without any monetization. It was initially built for our personal use in 2012. In November 2014 we had to migrate to Google App Engine. You can support us by buying us a coffee.

Privacy, your data, permissions

How do you access my mails? Do you have my password?

No, we don’t have your password. MailFred works with regular OAuth authorization (see more about OAuth on Wikipedia). You can grant and revoke the authorization at any time. Obviously, if you revoke the authorization MailFred won’t work anymore.

Do you store my mails?

No, we don’t store your emails at all. In fact we don’t store anything really. MailFred is 100% hosted at Google.

To schedule mails Google saves your message IDs. They look something like this: “Iasd324jasdflkaasdfjlk234”. We don’t know who you send a message too nor what your message contains. Frankly, we don’t want to know.

Contribute / Give Feedback

How can I give you guys feedback?

We love feedback and would like to hear your thoughts. Please also post it into the MailFred Support Forum.

How can I contribute?

The source code for our extension is open in case you want to contribute (which we would really appreciate).

All of the components of the extension are open source as well, for example we use eventr, which is a Javascript event simulator to fire events on the buttons in GMail. We use GMailr, which is a Javascript API for GMail to find message IDs and whether you are in a conversation or threaded view and gmailui to generate buttons and overlays which look exactly like native GMail.

I am not a developer, can I still contribute in any way?

We would actually love to have new translations. So far we only have en and de – if you’d like to contribute, you can either do so on Github, by translating the according JSON file into your language or if you are not a developer, we are more than happy to give you access to our project on CrowdIn.

Also we always appreciate donations.


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