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What can I use MailFred for?

Typical use cases for MailFred are:

  • Travelling: Get your trip information or tickets on the day you need them.
  • Billing: Never forget to pay a bill. Schedule a mail to come back in your inbox when payment is due.
  • Sales: Get a follow-up reminder for emails of clients or leads.
  • Project management: Follow up on progress of tasks from member of the project team. This is especially useful if you haven’t gotten any replies.

We are certain that there are many more use cases. We’d love to hear how you use MailFred.

How do I use it?

MailFred integrates a small little icon into GMail, which let’s you schedule mails for later. The whole experience is very similar to the experience you are already used to from GMail. Here is how to schedule a message.

  1. Go to the message you want to schedule.
  2. Click on the bow tie icon right above the message.
  3. Select the options e.g. that your message should be marked as unread.
  4. Click the time your message should reappear.
  5. Your message will be automatically archived (unless you deselected that option).
  6. Enjoy your uncluttered inbox.

Rest assured, MailFred will bring back your mail to your inbox right at the time you specified.


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